Sue (wingedkami) wrote,

Terra Nova again

Anyone else going to Dragonmeet tomorrow?

And another letter to the governments of the future:

EMPs happen. We all know this. Whether it's terrorist action, high tech heists, or implausibly exploding meteorites, EMPs are going to happen.

As such, when you make your colony on the moon/Mars/an alternate history prehistoric Earth, your technology needs shielding. Especially the medical equipment. In fact, building a faraday cage into the structure of your clinic/hospital is probably a good idea. And if you have a machine that makes new computer chips, if you only shield one machine in your entire colony, make it that one, m'kay? And store your data backups with it.

You should also avoid having your entire colony defence dependent on electronics. Don't let yourself get into a situation that could easily be averted with nothing more than barbed wire and some old-fashioned guns. Even as someone with minimal firearm knowledge, I can tell you that AK47s are renowned for their reliability in adverse conditions, and no doubt by the future you'll have something even better.

Finally, remember this word: failsafe. Any electronic lock that's not intended to contain radiation or dinosaurs should be failing in the unlock position. And manual overrides go on both sides of the door.

Remember all of this, and you can avoid ridiculous preventable situations like that that happens in the sixth episode of Terra Nova.
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